Isnin, 4 Jun 2012

Letter to Mesralink

Subject: Urgent: Petronas 14Kg cylinder gas defects

Hi, my name is shahrul and would like to make a report regarding
the Petronas cylinder gas.
I had buy the LPG gas Petronas 14Kg from the shop near my block.
Regret to inform that when i plug the the regulator to the cylinder then
i hear the sound a gas spray out, it seem like the connection not properly
and in immediately i pull out the gas regulator.
i assume it maybe problem by gas regulator. Then i buy a new stove
and gas regulator with Sirim approval.
When i plug the gas regulator and the problem still happened.
i informed this problem to the shop owner then he refused to change
with the other and only give me the rubber from the gas cylinder which
has been used and asked me to replace at the mentioned cylinder.
Is this the right procedure?
Even now i didn't know what the right procedure should i do,
then i write this email with hope your side can take action immediately
to replace a new cylinder or take it for investigation, since i feel unsafe to
keep this cylinder in my house.

My address is: -----. My phone number ---------.
Hope your can call me first if you want come in or need the detailed info.
Appreciate your feedback on this matter.

Thanks in advance.

Yours product customer,

Sat   11:40 PM : Send  email to Mesralink
Mon 08:42 AM : 1st call from Mesralink to verified the report and gave the report number.
Mon 12:29 PM :  2nd call from technician for verification & appointment.
Mon 12:51 PM :  3rd call from other technician for appointment confirmation
Mon 06:25 PM :  Petronas Home Delivery staff came and replace to a new gas cylinder.
Tue  17:05 PM :  4th call for resolved verification
Tue  17:14 PM :  5th call for final verification before closed the report.

Thanks to Mesralink, you did a excellent good job!

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